Thursday, September 11, 2008

Potty-Training Galore

Well, we are on day 2 of potty-training. It's actually going really well. There have been a couple accidents, but for the most part those have been our fault (bathrooms at the park locked, etc.). Thomas is still refusing to poop on the potty, but I think we're getting closer. Or at least he's holding it in until he gets a diaper on at bedtime. :)

We went to the fair for the 2nd time today. It was military day, so we got in free. We got a Family Pass (including 2 entry tickets that we didn't have to use) and tickets for food and rides. The boys got through a couple rides before we had to head home for bedtime. We didn't feel too guilty because we can get in free one more time and ride some more rides, so it's feeling like a cheap route for entertainment. Never thought I'd say that about the fair!

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