Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Sunshine Is Here...We're Staying Outside!

Since the sunshine is back, we've decided to hit all of our favorite parks one last time before it gets crummy out!

Yesterday we went to Balfour Park. The park is complete with a play structure and a sand volleyball pit. The boys absolutely love it! They have a blast playing in the sand and building sand castles and getting to play on the toys too. We met up with Jenn, Harry, and Emma and after the park had a great lunch at Tomato Street. Hooray! The night was complete with a dinner at Luigis and some quality time with Uncle Adam, Aunt Mere, and cousins Macey, Abby, and Natalie.

Today, we met Mere and the girls at Upper Manito and played again. The sunshine is just so nice! The boys are currently out and went down easily for nap. Apparently separating them is the trick, it just means I don't get to read my book in bed. :) Guess I'll have to go make deviled eggs for the BBQ tonight instead!

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