Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wow...Almost a Week!!!

Ok, I admit it, I fell of the wagon of blogging, I'm hopping back on now! The biggest reason is that I was dumb and left my camera outside overnight. It happened to be the night that it rained a ton, so of course, my camera was soaked and now does not work. So, you might ask, what did we do this week? Well, it was a busy week as always! The week just seemed to fly by! I think the highlight for the boys was recycling cans on Thursday. Across the street is a metal scrap yard. I found a road above it and we parked and watched the big machinery move cars around like they were nothing. It was even pretty cool for me! Friday night we had a BBQ with our friends the Shefflers. We always have a great time on pinochle night, even if the girls happened to lose this round! Saturday consisted of a wedding that Dan went to and then Domrese Family Game Night. Today was Kierra (our nieces) first birthday party. It seems like that as summer winds to an end our days are filled in an attempt to enjoy these last great days of sunshine.

We'll be getting a new camera VERY shortly (as I'm going crazy), so I'll be better about blogging then. Any suggestions on a good camera??? :)

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