Thursday, August 14, 2008

Manito Park and A Sliding Adventure

This morning we met some friends at one of our favorite parks. The upside of our morning? The boys didn't stop snuggling in bed until 9:30 AM!!! The downside? The playdate was at 10:00 AM. Therefore, we were FORCED to stop by Albertson's and get some doughnut holes. Sleeping in until 9:30 and eating doughnut holes for breakfast. It's the good life. :) The boys had a great time playing with buddies Anna and Harry. We walked down to the the flower garden and it was absolutely beautiful. Barring the fact that Thomas was attacking not only his friends and random strangers, and the fact that we yelled out "COOKIES!!!" to get the kids attention for a picture right as a wedding started, it was a lot of fun. The boys loved walking and holding hands with Anna and Harry...and it was really cute!!!

We went home and played outside in the pool for a bit to cool off. We got a new climbing/slide toy that is a lot bigger than our little cube. I pulled it over in front of the pool so the boys could have a water slide. It was really REALLY funny. I probably shouldn't have taken video because it actually appears quite dangerous, but trust me, they enjoyed it a lot. Alright, Josh enjoyed it, Thomas was scared of it for a while after his first fly down!

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