Friday, August 29, 2008

A Test of Patience

I have not written for a while for two reasons. My camera is broken and blogging just isn't as much fun without pictures. AND, my children are testing my patience.

Thomas' new moved as described by Jenn: He'll put both arms at his sides and start spinning in circles. Then he'll find a random group of people and spin around slapping them with his arms.

This is not only embarrassing, but he finds it humorous. ARG!

Joshua just started asking "WHY?" Not sometimes...all the time. We got stuck in stupid Spokane traffic and went through 6 cycles at one light. I swear the whole time he just said one word, "Why?"

The boys are currently employing the "poop and smear" technique at our house. This includes them both pooping in their diapers (in their room at nap time), removing the said diapers and then running around thus spreading poop EVERYWHERE. Not to mention the pee that "happens" to occur.

On the upside, we went to Pig Out in the Park. A huge event. I pack the boys a lunch (I'm just unable to pay $7 for their lunch) and then find something suitable for myself.

We have a jam-packed Labor Day weekend. Hopefully, I can keep the camera working long enough to get some great shots. Keep your fingers crossed!

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