Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Fun-Filled Weekend

On Saturday we woke up early and went to Green Bluff to pick some peaches and meet up with some other families from the Mommy & Me Group. The peaches had all been picked, so we got tons of nectarines instead. It was a lot of fun, although extremely hot. After picking nectarines, we went out to the river. Our friends, the Butterfields, came out too so we all got to play in the water and cool off. It was a lot of fun! This weekend was HHHHHOOOOOTTT! Sunday was spent at the river, and then after a nap at home, we went down to the fountain at Riverfront Park to cool off. Our house is quiet (for once) and we are all about to get a great nights sleep before another busy week begins!

Ok,ok. We watch the Olympics a little at our house! Thomas has really liked watching Michael Phelps. He watched one race and was particularly impressed with how we explained that him raising his arms in the air for victory meant, "I'm Michael Phelps, and I win!" Now when he's swimming he says he's Michael Phelps too. Pretty cute! See if you can hear it!

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