Saturday, August 9, 2008

Skyfest 2008

This morning we enjoyed Skyfest 2008 out at Fairchild Airforce Base. It was a great hit with the boys! We arrived really early before it was too crowded or hot. The boys LOVED touring the airplanes, in fact Joshua refused to leave the C5 until it took him for a flight. Boy was that a great conversation. They got to do some really great bouncy houses, see daddy's plane (the KC-135) and watch a few airplanes take off and land. We had to leave rather early because it was Kid's Day at Riverfront Park and we wanted to catch Gordon, Elmo, and Cookie Monster doing their show! Thomas was so upset, we promised him we'd go back tomorrow and watch the airplanes fly. I think at the same time, Dan was celebrating that we get to go back too. :)

On another note, Thomas asked me for money while sitting in the cockpit of the KC-135. I couldn't figure out why until he asked where to put it to make the plane go. :) Apparently we do the coin operated toys a little too often. I thought it was pretty cute and the pilot laughed...a little.

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