Sunday, September 6, 2009

Baptismal Blessings

Today was Baptism day! You can well imagine we were hustling to get out of the house this morning! The service was fantastic! Father Khuns came and assisted our usual priest Father Bob. Father Kuhns not only baptized the boys but did a special Mass for Dan when he was a toddler facing a very serious illness. Having him baptize the girls seemed like completing the circle. The girls did fantastic and were fairly well behaved. The only part they were noisy for was the actual baptism part. Apparently getting dunked in water is not their idea of fun. Thomas and Joshua did well aside from the baptism part as well. They decided our busiest time of the service was their time to be crazy. All in all, it was beautiful and well done. We had a small reception at our house afterwards and got a little more time to visit with Father Kuhns and some family. Thanks to all who participated in this special day!

With the girls' Godparents: Beth and Don

**I'm going to try and get some better pictures of the girls in their gowns tomorrow. For now, enjoy this.

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