Saturday, September 5, 2009


Days with Dan home are just pure joy. It's so much easier to parent when there are two of you. I can't imagine how single parents pull it off successfully.

This weekend is a favorite of ours. Today we ventured down to Pig Out in the Park. We love it because the picky part of me can get something simple and Dan gets a rare treat that he would generally never ever get. This year was by far the most challenging of all. We put the girls in snugglies and grabbed the strollers and leashes for the boys. A stroller in crowds is always a challenge, but we managed as well as we possibly could. The boys got balloon swords and were quite content. The girls slept and ate and were also quite content. Dan and I actually got a few words in edgewise!

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Linda Holbrook said...

Oh my gosh Katie's hair is SO cute!!!