Friday, September 11, 2009

Fall Changes!

We've been busy! The yard has been a slow, but steady, progress. 1/4 of the back yard is beautifully done with new grass and a raised garden bed. Earlier in the year, we took down the pine tree. This week, our neighbors on each side admired our lovely grass and noticed the tree stump left in the yard. They decided to make it a project and removed it. I don't get a word in edge-wise with two toddlers and two infants, so I never got to tell Dan it was happening. He came home and was very surprised! Today, my brother came over and pulled out the shrubs from the front of the house. I cannot stand anything with pine needles, I'm a leafy kind of girl. We'll be replanting with better bushes! Dan was once again surprised! :)

Now there are tree and bush parts all over our yard. I see a dump trip in our future!

Molly's bottom tooth has broken through. It's got a long way to come up, but you can feel it and just barely see it! Katie continues to sympathy teeth, but must have something coming as well.

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