Saturday, September 19, 2009

Capture the Moments That Capture your Heart

If you know me, you know that I am constantly taking pictures. I'm afraid that I won't remember these moments (and am reminded by others that indeed I won't). I try to capture the moments that capture my heart. The girls are just leaving the stage of constant need for entertainment and are BECOMING our entertainment. Here are some from the last couple days that make me smile.

The girls share a secret during dinner. Can you tell we are trying out carrots?

What Molly would look like with hair. We had a LOT of fun with this one!

I recently got out the walker. Katie loves this thing! She follows me from room to room and is pretty proud of herself. I took it outside one day and she had a blast! She got on the sidewalk and chased the boys up and down the sidewalk. I think I'm in trouble next summer!

Tonight was cousin Abby's 6th birthday party. The boys absolutely love their cousins. Here are a few pictures of family and kids.

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