Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Simply Wonderful

Today was...simply wonderful. Coming off a crazy weekend with hospital visits and such, today was heavenly.

This weekend, I spent some hours at the hospital. My dear friend, Katie, was there with her dad. Her dad had been in a motorcycle accident and was stranded in a ditch for 9 hours. Not only that, but they had sent out search and rescue and suspended it for the night when her husband went out one last time and happened to find him. PHEW! Luckily, he is recovering and slowly on the mend. Here's a picture of Katie (my friend) with Katie (her namesake) and Molly. Despite the circumstances, it was great to see her and get a chance to chat.

I also spent some time with a former student of mine. She was one of my first kindergarten students! :) She was in the pediatric ICU and having breathing issues. SCARY! I had a nice visit with her and her mom.

Now on to the good stuff..
Due to multiple doctor appointments scheduled for today, Dan took the day off of work to assist me. The important appointment was for Molly. We have been noticing that Molly does not respond to sounds the same way that Katie does. Instead of getting the cursory glance from the pediatrician I went straight to a pediatric audiologist. My instructions were to not feed her or let her sleep for 2 hours before the appointment so that when she arrived she'd be starving and exhausted and could be fed and sleep for the 90 minute testing session. I held up my part of the bargain and had a screaming angry baby on my hands when we arrived. She was quickly allowed to eat and go to sleep and everything looked better from there! Dan held her during the testing and I hung out in the waiting room with Katie. I spent my time taking pictures of Katie... :)

They were very thorough in their testing and spent lots of time explaining the results and procedures. They attach electrodes and watch her brain respond to sound, they check all parts of the ears to make sure everything functions. Turns out everything is fine. Apparently she is our first mellow child (and apparently Katie is a little ahead of the learning curve and we just didn't know it). We'll take mellow! We surely celebrated in the news that she is just an easy-going kid. That being said we'll go back for a recheck in a few months if we're still concerned.

Dan took the boys to the base for some errands while I hung out at home with the girls. And by hang out, I mean I took a nap with the girls. WOW! After rest time, we packed up and hit the fair. We signed the boys up for Mutton Bustin' and had some dinner. Of course, minutes before the boys are suppose to go, my camera starts to flash 'low battery.' AUGH! Luckily, we'd run into some friends, Kari and family, and I was able to call her and see if she could take some pictures. She did! When I get them, I'll post them. Here are the few I got.

The boys had a GREAT time! They loved everything. We left after only one ride, so we'll be going back tomorrow. We already have ride tickets, we just need to use them. :)

The boys had the best behavior today. We were so proud of them today. They are getting so big and making better and better choices. Attempting the fair with 4 kids was quite the undertaking (two double strollers, two snugglies, and tons of other stuff). It brought a lot of comments. The kids did fantastic and we just couldn't ask for a better family. We are so lucky. Simply wonderful.

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you guys are great parents!