Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Let the Teething Begin

I truly believe there are some parts of parenting that you intentionally block out. Teething is one of those times. We have officially begun the teething process, and I am remembering why I dislike it so much. Molly has three white bumps poking through, believed to be two teeth. Kaitlyn is thus far "sympathy teething." They are both running low-grade fevers, have runny nose, and are generally miserable. The good news? Molly is a mama's girl when she's not feeling well. I'm getting lots of cuddles from both girls.

As for the boys, preschool is going really well. I converse with their teacher online frequently. I AM one of "those" kinds of parents. I check up on the boys frequently and make sure they are being good. I have also volunteered in a few areas of the classroom. So far, the boys want me to walk them in, but I anticipate them being more comfortable with the drop-off method real soon.

Highlights from the week thus far? Dan's cousin Becca came and she and Dan rode bikes (pulling the boys) to Baskin-Robbins for ice cream. The boys LOVE Becca and LOVE ice cream, so this was very thrilling. I got out the baby swing and the girls got to swing for the first time. They love it as much as 4-month olds can love swinging. :)

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Kari said...

Hi there...thanks for checking out my blog. We love that Rob and Julie and are so thankful that Mya is on the mend. Good for you and your hubby to have two sets of twins - you seem to be handling it all like pros! Being the parents of twins definitely is like you've joined a special club. :) Take care!