Saturday, September 26, 2009

How Do You Do It?

I get asked that question frequently. People are amazed that I'm out and that we do things in public all the time. Well, just so you know, most of the time we do great, amazingly even. But somedays, like today, are days when we should have just stayed at home and never attempted to leave the house.

We are finally on the mend. No fevers. I thought this meant we should get out and enjoy the flowers (possible photo op?) at Manito. Our need to leave the house was made even more clear after the neighbor boy (almost 2 years old) came and played in the little outdoor kitchen sticking everything in his mouth before his dad came out and informed us big sister was inside puking her guts out...ugh! We loaded up and set off for the park. The first sign of trouble was at our first light. My light was green. Let me repeat that. My light was GREEN. The city bus had stopped to let out people who promptly walked in front of the bus and out in front of the van. I had to slam on the brakes sending everything in the car flying forward so as not to hit them. They glanced at the light (realizing it was green for me) shrugged and continued on their way. Why did I not turn around?

We arrived at the park and parked close to the flower gardens. After loading the girls in and getting us away from traffic, I realized that the only way to the garden from where I had parked was down several flights of stairs or a VERY steep embankment. After much deliberation, I placed the boys at the bottom sitting in grass and handed them each a girl. Then I gracefully (see horrifyingly) sped down the hill with the stroller in front of me. Right as I got to the bottom of the hill, the sprinklers turn on and the boys and babies cry in unison. The boys are crying because not only are they wet but I'm telling them to sit still so they don't throw the babies on the grass. Why did I not go home?

We attempted some photos. Thomas threw a piece of candy in the fountain. We then decided to see the Japanese Gardens and the fish. Not knowing the best way to go, we explored. The boys called it the "jungle." It would've been a great adventure had I not been pushing a double stroller not meant for the wilderness. The Japanese Garden was beautiful. Serene even...before we got there. We took a few pictures. Josh cried that he wanted to go home. Molly cried that she was awake. Katie cried because she could. Thomas and I reveled in the fish and ducks and let everyone else cry. Sorry to anyone within a few block radius that had to hear all the crying from my children.

We then took the adventure back to the car detouring through the Rose Gardens. The boys wanted me to name every kind of rose (there were little templates with the rose names on them). Is there really a rose called "Sexy Lexy?" I doubt it, I stopped reading them after that. It was hot and we were walking a lot so I told the boys to run through the sprinkler to cool off. Josh cried because he got wet when he did that. :( The only way down from the rose garden was a very long meandering (and then uphill walk) to the car, or down three flights of stairs. I put both girls in my arms and started pulling the double stroller down the stairs. I asked the boys for help as a piece of garbage flew out of the stroller and both sat at the bottom of the stairs and declined helping mommy. A very steamed mommy got the stroller to the bottom of the stairs. Boys cried all the way to car because I went to fast down the stairs and they didn't get to help.

By the time we got to the car, three of the four kids were crying (only Molly was asleep) and it was time to go home. I tossed the boys in back and by the time I put the stroller in the back, Joshua was sitting naked in his carseat. Apparently his clothes were "too wet" to wear home. Fantastic! I quick nursing session and we went home and had a very long naptime.

Just so you know, we might do it. We might get out and do things. But it's not always pretty. And maybe sometimes, sometimes, we should just go home.


Carissalayla said...

Amber you are such a good mom!

Jolene said...

Hee hee, the part about Joshua getting naked in the car was the icing on the cake, yes?

SuzySheffler said...

Sorry but I laughed the entire way through this. I hope you plan on writing a book. You are a wonderful mother!