Thursday, September 24, 2009


Yuck! It started with me. I had a runny nose which quickly turned into a sore throat. I hit this cold hard with some Vicks, a humidifier, and trusty Tylenol....oh yeah, and one Claritin. It worked wonders! Then came Molly's turn. Poor baby. Then Dan, and now Joshua is starting. Is this what life with four small kids is like? Rough! Sleep is nonexistent right now. In fact, Dan is sleeping in the living room so I can have the girls in bed with me and continue the constant nursing. Molly threw us for a loop last night when she declined nursing for 18 hours straight. I began to worry, but Molly decided it was time to eat immediately after I scheduled her a doctor's appointment. Hopefully we are fever-free in the morning and on the mend. I keep telling more night, I can make it one more night....

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