Friday, September 4, 2009

My Babies Go To Preschool

How can that be? Just yesterday I was rocking them, teaching them to walk and talk, and now they are waving good-bye and going into a classroom without me. Without me! Today might have been harder on me than those little boys of mine. The first day of preschool. What a momentous ocassion. Daddy met us for the drop off and to be a part of the moment. The boys were so happy to see him (Molly was particularly excited). We sat in our line waiting for school to start. The minute the music started, Thomas' eyes started to well up. I almost cried! Then he turned around and marched into the classroom with his brother and classmates not even pausing for a good-bye. I was torn for 2 hours wondering if he was in his classroom crying and wondering where I was. Flash forward 2 hours and I am anxiously standing outside their classroom waiting to see their darling faces. Apparently school went fine. They haven't said much but no complaints. No note from the teacher. They are both excited to go back next week, so I'd say it was a success! I can't believe they are already in preschool. I'm not quite ready to let go and at the same time I want to shove them out the door. My babies go to preschool. I'll never get over it.


Carissalayla said...

it's so hard but worth it!

Jolene said...

It IS hard! Kind of heart breaking, but knowing that they're learning and having a good time makes it worth it. :)