Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fun at the Fair

One more time! Quite the experience. I took the day and packed a picnic dinner, and met Dan after work. That was our first run of trouble. Dan attempted to take one route from work to the fairgrounds. It was the wrong route and took him forever. As in I had enough time to run back home and get him a change of clothes and STILL have plenty of time to wait for him. I loaded all the kids and pushed BOTH double strollers to the gate to meet him. Not a great start, but a great workout! We walked in and immediately sat down for the lumberjack show. This gave us time to eat while being entertained. A couple of Dan's friends from highschool ended up being a part of the show, so it was a double bonus for us! We then did rides and then saw animals. The fair experience itself was a huge success. We (I) hit a small snag again on the way home. Dan was spoiled and enjoyed a silent ride home by himself. I, on the other hand, had one of the worst rides of my life. Prior to the fair I bought a ton of lightsticks at the dollar store so we wouldn't have to spend money on them at the fair. Unfortunately the boys' broke in the car and they were covered in glow material. UGH! Joshua rubbed his eyes and all my forceful hand sanitizing bit me in the tush as it made his eye start hurting terribly! About 3 minutes into the ride all 4 kids are just screaming and crying. I endured the screaming and crying the entire way home. Once home it did not end as Josh's eye needed to be tended to and the little ones didn't think sitting in their carseat was any fun. As soon as Dan walked through the door (a while later as the freeway was down from 3 lanes to 1) I informed him that I would be leaving for a little while.

I just went in and checked all the kids. The boys gave me big hugs and told me how much they loved me. :) The girls are out! A quiet moment much needed after a long day. My kids are cute!

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