Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Beautiful Day

Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. As proud parents of boys behaving well in church we rewarded them with playing at a nearby park. Little did they know that it benefited all of us with some great running off of energy. Then after feeding those bottomless pits (YEAH their appetites are back!!!!) they took a great nap. The sunshine called to us once more and we headed out for some bouncy house, baseball, golfing backyard activities. The most exciting part was watching the boys learn how to hit a ball from a pitch (done by Councle-pronounced cunkle---Corey). They are getting it! Maybe future baseball players? :) Then friends Korry and Suzy came over (bringing Ethan and Eva-twins age 4, and Spencer- 8 months). We played outside for a long time and then finished with some great games of pinochle. Well, great until the girls lost. Then it was just sad. :( WE DEMAND A REMATCH!

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