Friday, April 4, 2008

Is it bad to eat all the blackberries from the carton before you get to checkout?

We had a fun and busy day! We headed out to Costco this morning (a place the boys love) and had a blast looking at everything. Is it bad that they ate nearly the whole carton of blackberries before we got to checkout? It happens every time. Luckily, they sell it by the carton, not by weight, so it's never been a big deal. :-) We then rode the carousel...again. And I have to say, that I did the most spectacular job parallel parking the van. How I can park the van with no problem, but couldn't parallel park my old little car is beyond me! Benjamin (the little boy I watch) came over in the afternoon, and along with a visit from Uncle Adam and cousins Abby, Macey, Auntie Angie and cousin was a full house! We are hoping to hear that Aunt Mere has gone into labor soon as we're anxious for new cousin Natalie to arrive!!! Ring phone, ring.....

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