Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Free Scoop of Ice Cream from Ben & Jerry's

Photo by Thomas

Starting off our Tuesday with preschool is just plain fun! We had a great group this morning and the boys did GREAT! After nap, we ran out to the mall. Since I forgot my purse (ARG) the boys rode the "choo choo train" and we headed for downtown. Yummy! We each got a free scoop of yummy ice cream from Ben and Jerry's this afternoon! We then rode the carousel a few times WITH DADDY and had a blast. After a quick dinner and bath, the boys are in bed and the house is quiet. Good news...dad doesn't need surgery (we think). His collar bone IS broken in three places, but it looks like the bones just have to heal themselves. YIKES! Bad news...while I have a root canal scheduled for the 16th (after Dan's next deadline so he can take the day off), I am currently well medicated after my tooth exploded in my head. No, not literally, but all the sudden it's really hurting...REALLY HURTING. So, we'll see if this helps and call the dentist in the AM. Dan's really thrilled about the idea of taking another day off (little does he know I'm less thrilled about getting a root canal).

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