Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Weird....it snowed today

I know, weird, more snow. :-( Our day started off great. Preschool is always fun. Picture #1 shows what happens when the sensory table has "mud" and what happens when you leave Thomas unsupervised. We had a great time playing outside with friend Natalie and digging for worms. After a short nap, Benjamin (the little boy I watch) was here. We decided to go outside when it started hailing because the boys love catching the hail or just plain getting soaked. We were outside for over an hour and the boys had a blast, except for the sad picture of Thomas. He got upset because I wouldn't clean off his shovel for him...mean mama. The highlight of the evening was listening to the boys "read" their "What Lives On A Farm" book to daddy when he got home. It's a predictable book that says, "A pink pig lives on a farm," and changes the animal on each page. I got lots of warm fuzzies watching their excited faces as they read to daddy for a change! I'm so proud!

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