Friday, April 25, 2008

Today We Met Curious George!

That's right. We went to Mobius and met Curious George. The boys loved it! We had a lengthy discussion on the way down and when they saw him, they immediately ran up and gave hugs and high fives. YEAH! Daddy got home early tonight (6:00 PM) so we all got to have dinner together which is nice! The boys are doing MUCH better. Lots of coughing (Thomas coughed so hard tonight he threw up), but better every day. They now have energy to run and play, but it brings on coughing fits so bad that their eyes water. I just try to keep them hydrated and rested and hope that the coughing subsides at some point. Grandpa Bob and Grandma Patti stopped by for a visit, so the boys showed off riding bikes. Then Ba and Grandma Nancy came over for dinner so the boys showed off even more! We've been so secluded it was nice to have visitors again! The boys went down super easy and I got to play Nerts for 3 hours straight! HOORAY! It was a lot of fun!

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