Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Busy Busy

Tuesdays are always busy with preschool here at home. The boys were in fine form, as were many of the two-year olds. We did however work on our letters, plant a cantaloupe seed, and work on drawing circles.
After nap we went to Riverfront Park (forgot my camera of course) and went mini-golfing and rode the carousel. The boys were famished and exhausted afterwards, so it was a quick evening.
The most enjoyable part was going through the books we got from the book orders. There is one on the life cycle of a ladybug and the boys LOVE it! The boys also enjoyed "shaving" in the bath just like daddy. He teaches them the fine art of how to apply shaving cream and the techniques in shaving with their fake razors. They feel so grown up and glow under the instruction! CUTE!!!

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