Thursday, April 3, 2008

Only Three In The World And Josh Rode ONE!

A busy day for the Domrese boys as always. It started with the "jumping place." This is the boys favorite place EVER! We go once a month and they talk about it for the rest of the month. Today was packed because of Spring Break, so we didn't stay nearly as long. After a long 4-hour nap (HOORAY!) we had dinner and went down to Riverfront Park for a ride on the "horsies" and to feed the ducks. Joshua took a turn on the tiger too! The tiger at the Riverfront Park carousel is one of only three created, so it's pretty neat that he gets to ride it when he goes down! Of course, it doesn't move up and down, so the boys rarely choose to ride it! My favorite part of today is that Thomas learned how to write a "T." We've talked about it, and he's tried, but today he diligently worked on it and got it! HOW EXCITING! He was so proud of himself. We called daddy at work to share the good news and took lots of pictures. SO MUCH FUN! On another bragging note, when doing letters with "Ba" (Aunt Kim) tonight, Joshua identified more letters than I've ever heard him do, so it's getting better!!

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