Thursday, April 10, 2008

Nothing like a good sale to end the day

A day that started with grandpa Bob nearly ended with grandpa Bob as well! We started off with breakfast at IHOP. Tagged items for the JBF Consignment sale and dropped it all off. Stopped at a park on the way home. Of course it snowed while playing at the park, so we departed early. On the way home Thomas says, "Mommy, I seepy (sleepy)?" I said, "You tired buddy, ready to take a nap?" He says, "Yes, but I hungry too." Lunch, nap, and everyone is rested. Grandma Patti comes over, dad (grandpa Bob) and I depart for the JBF Sale. Lots of finds! I got some puzzles, some pajamas, and the boys favorite new toy, a Fisher Price Little People Garage. It's super neat! Daddy got home a little early, and EVERYONE ELSE is out. If you can't tell by the brevity of the entry. I'm done too. Goodnight all!

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