Sunday, April 13, 2008

Warm Weather Galore

The weather this Sunday----glorious! The boys had a great time antagonizing their parents at church this morning. This included running toward Father Bob in the middle of his sermon while we ran behind in horror...twice. The little twitters throughout the congregation tell us they find humor in it, but our embarrassment was evident. After church, Dan went down to work for the day. We headed home to play in an enclosed area and run off some energy. It was BEAUTIFUL out! The boys crashed for a nice nap and when they woke up we went back outside for a long walk and played at a nearby elementary school. Dan got home in time for dinner and took the boys for a bike ride in the bike trailer while I cleaned up. Now, they are asleep and we are not far behind. The warm weather is so great, but exhausting! I can do so much outside with the snow gone! Hopefully the rain tomorrow is short-lived and we are back to sun and warmth soon!

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