Monday, April 14, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away, Domrese Family Wants To Play

I guess it's better than snow, right? We'll take rain any day...well not any day, but for now, I guess it'll do. Busy busy Monday! Breakfast at IHOP with grandpa Bob (greatma is gone this week, sad). Straight off to swimming with Mommy 'N Me, and Uncle Adam and cousins Macey and Abby. The boys LOVE seeing their cousins and they LOVE swimming, so they had a great time. While I went to a fabulous endodontist appointment (HOORAY I get to have another root canal...STUPID TEETH), the boys played with our friend Greg at McDonald's and appeared to have a blast. I guess it doesn't help that Greg hasn't had to change a diaper in many years, but it cracks me up that both boys decided to give Greg a run for his money and poo while at McDonald's on a day when the light is still out in the restroom with a changing table. AWESOME! I laugh. After a great nap, we took a walk to the library for some fresh air and got some new pig books for preschool tomorrow. By the time we got home and got dinner cooked, daddy was home. We all ate dinner, made cookies, and it was bedtime for the boys! HOORAY! A great start to a fabulous week!

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Brian and Linda Holbrook said...

Man, Amber, I admire your energy!!! You guys seem like you're always out doing fun stuff!