Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Almost Thursday Already?????

This summer...heck this week is just flying by. It's not like we've been really busy, but our days are just active and it makes the weeks fly by. We've gone to the YMCA for exercise and swimming. We've played outside. Here are some favorite pictures from the week so far.

Tuesday was the Twins' Club annual family picnic. We met at Audobon Park and had a potluck and visited. Here's a group of the big twins before playing some games.

Joshua is in fit-throwing mode. He's not figured out how to handle frustration and takes to massive fits, then gets put in his room, and really goes at it. I tried to sneak in and take a picture and this is all I could get. However, due to posing for the camera the fit was over.

Grandpa Bob has been bringing truckloads of dirt for the backyard and raised garden beds. Today the boys went with him and watched the dirt get loaded and then came home and "helped" unload it. Fun to watch!

The girls are getting really good at sitting in the Bumbo seat and seem to really enjoy it.

Tonight we had dinner with grandma Alice and grandpa Lyle to celebrate Dan's birthday. Molly slept through dinner so we couldn't get a picture with all the grandkids. Joshua was really into loving grandma Alice and chatted with her the entire way through dinner. Joshua doesn't usually attach to people like that so it really warmed my heart to see him giving his special loves to his great grandma!

Here's some cute pictures of the girls in cute outfits. The cold weather means we get to play dress up again with new outfits! HOORAY!

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