Monday, August 17, 2009

So Tired...

It's been a busy weekend and this week shall be the same. We decided to buck up and do a few house projects while the timing is as right as it can be. One small section of the yard has been worked on and grass planted. The rest will follow as time allows. Indoors we've been hard at work. The walls for the dining room are sanded and now have their first coat of paint. The living room will follow tomorrow night after the 2nd and final coat in the dining room. Assuming we get all painting complete, the carpet will be pulled up on Friday to reveal the hardwood floors underneath and they will be sanded and fixed up over the weekend. EXHAUSTING! We're trying to get everything done before the weather turns sour and before Dan leaves for 8 weeks of military training. YIKES!! Picture updates shortly.
Other ongoings...

Thomas got his 2nd bee sting of the summer. In case you're keeping track that's Joshua=2 stings, Thomas=2 stings. This was a horrible one! He was riding his 4-wheeler around the house and it just came up and stung him on the ear. Look how swollen it was!

The boys enjoyed a day at grandma and grandpa's while Dan and I painted. When I got there to pick them up they were riding their bikes through cones. They loved it!

The girls are starting to enjoy their food. They like avocado. Not big fans of sweet potato. They like squash and enjoy pears. We'll add banana and applesauce and stop at those flavors until 6 months. The goal of starting food this early was to keep them from eating every hour. The girls are now eating twice a day, generally sharing 1 jar per feeding, and still eating every hour. They are hungry girls!

Tonight was the first night of sitting up bath time. I'm hoping to get into a routine of bath times so that when Dan leaves it's not terrifying for me to get all four kids bathed! Katie loves bath time and loves Thomas. (The boys each have a baby. If you ask them which baby is theirs, they will tell you. Katie-Thomas and Joshua-Molly). She had a blast. Molly, not even a fan of sponge baths, was not as impressed.

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