Thursday, August 27, 2009

What a Week!

Phew! It's finally over! We started 10 days ago and can now claim to be done...well almost. At least enough to count as done! The rooms are painted. The floors are done. Furniture is back in. The rooms where we had to put all the furniture are destroyed, but those are now accessible and can be cleaned again. Hooray!!! Here are a before and after picture so you can see a little bit of the change.

What have we been doing this week? It's been CRAZY! During the weekend, we stayed with some amazing friends (thanks Hillmans and Shefflers) and got the floors done. Even with the floors done, they had to dry and seal so we weren't to have any real traffic on them. That meant sleeping at home, but running around during the day. TOUGH! On Monday we went to breakfast with grandpa Bob and spent some time with my grandma...where we did laundry.

Tuesday we were lucky enough to have scheduled the girls' 4-month shots. They were troopers! Here are their stats:

Weight- 14#12 (55%)
Height- 25 1/4 (75%)

Weight- 13#11 (50%)
Height- 25 1/4 (80%)

Wednesday was the boys' first real visit to preschool. They met their teacher and saw the classroom. When we first walked in, I stuck very close by and let them explore with me by their side. Then I started to separate and observed them to see how they would respond. They did great! Our first short day (they ease into it) is next week when they'll go for just two hours. I'm excited, nervous, anxious, scared, etc. It will be a big deal for me! Then we went to my brother, Adam's house. The boys found a spiderman costume and were in HOG HEAVEN!

Today we had a field trip with my mommy group and we went to a local pizza establishment and saw how they make pizza. The boys were thoroughly impressed and told daddy all about it when we got home. They sent us home with some pizza dough that we'd mixed up while there, so we had pizza for dinner! YUM!

That's it for the week. We are tempted to get out and do something fun tomorrow, but I'm also tempted to just sit at home and revel at the fact that we are done. DONE! I can wake up, lay the babes on the floor, and make breakfast. I haven't been able to set the girls on the floor in over a week. I'm so ready to get back into routine. Hooray!

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