Sunday, August 23, 2009

House Updates

What a week! We are dog tired! After nearly a week straight of painting from 10 PM- 2 AM, we finally finished...well as much as we could (still some touching up to do). On Friday we started pulling up carpet and getting ready to sand the hardwood floors underneath. This has turned out to be a much bigger job than we had prepared for. The floors are in excellent shape but were waxed with some sort of sealant. Dan pulled an allnighter last night (tough for a guy who loves and needs his sleep as much as Dan does) and got it as good as it can get. He's just now finishing the sanding and staining. Tomorrow after work he'll do more work. We are at least one more night away from getting back in the house due to the harmful vapors. It's SO hard being away from home with four youngsters. So hard! We are, however, extremely grateful for our gracious friends that allow us to crash with all of our kids for multiple days and nights....thanks guys! Hopefully at the end of this, we have some awesome looking floors and walls!

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