Monday, August 17, 2009


Ever had a day where you know you should have just stayed in bed? That happened today. I got up early and even WOKE UP the kids to go have breakfast with grandpa Bob. We got dressed and were ready to go when I realized I couldn't find my keys. No joke. All kids crying and I can't find my keys. An hour later I gave up. Another hour passes and I called Dan home to help me. He walks in the door, my keys are found.

I then volunteered to run to Home Depot to get more paint since he had wasted his time coming home for me. I called mom to see if she wanted to meet up with me for IHOP since we had missed it earlier. Walking to the paint counter, I knew were in trouble. There was a line. We stood in line for 15 minutes before Thomas said he had to go potty. A trip to the bathroom and then back in line. Luckily, mom showed up then so she took the boys and I stood in line. Another 10 minutes and I had dropped off my paint...finally! A quick nursing session and breakfast could not come fast enough. I scarfed down my food knowing my time was limited. Smelling Molly, I knew she needed a diaper change. A quick check down the back revealed that she had pooped up her back and it was now all over my hand. YUCK! I take her back and change her. As soon as I return to the table, Katie spits up. A quick clean up and I can hear Molly filling her pants again. Seriously? I picked her up only to realize she's blown out again, this time down her leg. Another trip to the bathroom and a clothing change. I trade off babies with mom and intend to give Katie a quick change on my lap in the booth to save time. Except I can't. She's pooped too and it's up her back. The bathroom is quickly becoming my new residence. I finally return to the table where the boys are acting up (Thomas is covering Joshua's cup lid with strawberry syrup, they are playing swords under the table, etc.). It's time to go! I put the girls in their car seats and strap them in just in time for them both to mass puke all over their outfits and car seats. We quickly leave before any more fluids can erupt.

I drove to Home Depot to pick up my paint and left all kids except Katie in the van with mom. After standing in line for another 15 minutes I am finally given my paint. We hurry out and head home. Mom has probably never been so happy to get back to work! :) Everyone napped and we all got rested.

Fast forward to tonight when we go to open the paint. It's the wrong kind. ARG! So much time waiting in line and here I am with the wrong paint. We'll be taking it back tomorrow but have lost precious hours painting. Sad! Here's our progress so far.

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