Friday, August 14, 2009

A Day Out on the Town

After a week of days at home we decided to get out for the day. After all, our Riverfront Park passes will soon expire and we need to finish making those totally worth it! The boys had an absolute blast. They rode the airplanes, the bumper boats, and played mini-golf. Then my brother and his wife called and we met them for a picnic lunch and then went back up to the rides. Then it happened. I lost a kid for the first time...ever. I was horrified and terrified. I watched the boys go with their cousins down the stairs to the rides and I quickly went to the ramp with the stroller (of course getting stuck behind a lolly gagging set of parents). I got to the bottom and found everyone but Thomas. YIKES! We made the rounds and Thomas was found just feet from where we had departed, but Joshua was screaming since I was literally dragging him by his arm as he wanted to ride rides and I wasn't letting him out of my sight while I searched for Thomas. Once all was well again, we finished the rides and headed home.

Our friends, the Shefflers, came over for dinner and cards tonight. Not that we were able to finish a game, but the girls would have won. We all know that, right?! :) A few candids of the kiddos.

The boys are exhausted and out. The girls are exhausted and out. Hooray for the quiet time of the evening!

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