Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kids Happenings

Here's what we've been up to besides the house changes...

I discovered that the girls like to cling to stuffed animals when they sleep. Unfortunately I discovered this while giving Joshua's prized dog, Deac, to Molly one day. While she loves Deac, luckily she'll sleep with other animals too. It's too cute!

Grandpa Bob has brought over a couple loads of sod and we've been planting and watering like crazy. He tends to come over during rest time which means Thomas is asleep and Joshua gets to help grandpa Bob while I tend to babies. Ok, so rest time really means Thomas gets his nap. :) The sod looks excellent and the grass we planted is really coming in! Now we have to do all the other sections of the yard.

Katie is rolling over everywhere and loving her ability to do so. Her hair is actually lying down flatter as well. Super cute! Molly is SO close to rolling over...if her darn arm would just get out of the way! She's extemely happy on her side though because they she can find her thumb easier. Both girls are happy and giggling more and more. It's so much fun to tickle them and hear them shriek!

Thomas expressed interest in riding his bike without the training wheels. Dan took an old bike and let the boys try. Thomas went a ways without Dan holding on. Joshua rode like a drunk driver and was swerving back and forth. They sure loved the daddy time though and will be out again working on it soon!

We visited a petting farm with our mommy group this weekend. The kids absolutely loved it. By kids, I mean the boys, the girls were pains and cried the majority of the trip. It was fun to watch the boys sit on the sheep (Mutton Bustin' coming Sept 16th!) and pick out chicken eggs. They had a great time! Thanks Julie for having us!


Trippleaaa said...

That girl has so much hair!!!! It seems to get longer and longer every post!

Jolene said...

Aww, so sweet! They're growing really quickly. Katie's hair is long enough to lie flat now, woo hoo!