Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Family Weekend

It's not often that Dan and I get real time over the weekend to just be together as a family. There are always things to do and events to be at. Saturday was our quiet day. It was AWESOME! I even got to go grocery shopping all by myself!

This morning we went off to church. Some friends met us there and the boys were really happy to sit with friends. Even though Katie spit up on most everything around us, it was yet another successful Sunday. We are thankful to get some prayerful time and put in some extra prayers for little Mya ( We departed from church straight to cousin Anson's first birthday party. What a fun party! They had a huge inflatable water slide. This sucker really zoomed. The first time both boys went head-first into the pool at the bottom, but quickly got the hang of how to stay upright. It was also the boys' first pinata. They were in hog heaven.

As for the girls' weekend they've been reaching fun new milestones. We've finished our 4 day run of eating avocado. Tomorrow they move on to sweet potato. I love making my own baby food; for some reason I find it therapeutic. Katie has discovered how to roll over. She's not totally consistent but can go both front to back and back to front. She actually likes her stomach more so she gets really upset when she rolls to her back. A big milestone reached today is that Katie's hair laid down flat for the first time! It was either a fluke or it just got long and heavy enough. Either way, super cute.

Now, as I type, I'm sitting in the recliner snuggling Katie. She fell asleep on my chest and I'm trying to remember this moment. When she's little enough that I can snuggle her and she can sleep on my chest. I know this time passes all too quickly, and I rarely get a time to fully soak in the moment. Time to turn off the computer and really revel in the miracle that is this little girl...and be thankful that all 4 kiddos are asleep.

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Linda Holbrook said...

OMG the Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts are too cute!!!