Friday, August 28, 2009

Great to be Home

What a nice relaxing day. We thoroughly enjoyed the new floors and having our house back. In fact, we played outside very little and instead played inside!

I taught the boys how fast cars can go on the new floors. This was entertaining for quite some time. Then I taught them to slide on the floor in their socks. Fun times! Between crafts and games, we were busy all day!

The girls were also busy. Lots of eating, sleeping, and pooping. Molly rolled over for the first time tonight. She must've gotten distracted and forgot about her thumb because usually she gets so SO close and then finds her thumb and forgets to roll over.

Tonight we went swimming at the 'Y'. Instead of checking the girls into childcare, we took them in with us to let them get use to the water (Molly hates bath time, so I thought this might be good for her especially). They both loved the water. And both of them handled being dunked very well. After the girls were done in the water, I took them to the sitting area and waited for the boys. There, I got to chat with two moms, both of whom were moms of triplets. Quite the conversation!
After we got home I started getting the girls into their pajamas. The both rolled to their sides and discovered...EACH OTHER! It was the neatest moment to watch. They held hands and grabbed each other.

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Marty, Rhenda and Anna said...

sounds like a fabulous day! So sweet to hear about those twin sister moments! Cherish it!