Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fun Times

This week we had a farewell gathering for some friends who moved to Seattle. These are many of the boys' friends. Joshua was particularly happy to see his 'best friend Anna.'

The girls in cute outfits. I love these outfits, but the girls were not as thrilled. :) Here they are at 14 weeks.

Today I cleaned out another box (yes, still unpacking boxes from moving into the house). The boys were really thrilled. I told them they could decorate the box however they wanted. They went to town with markers, stickers, and dinosaurs. They played in the box and decorated it for hours on end. It was so cute!

Katie is loving her exersaucer. She can be in it for quite a while (Molly too). I love it!

We got a surprise visit from some old friends this week as well. It was the McCown's! They are such special people...really. They were my neighbors from the time I was 2 years old until I graduated from high school and moved out. I still go back and visit and play Scrabble. Mrs. McCown was my highschool English teacher. When I was really little, I would wait until she came out in the morning to hang her wash and open my window and ask her the weather so I knew what to wear (apparently I couldn't tell by opening my window?). :) She had a special drawer in her house that contained gum. I could just walk in her house and get a piece of gum and walk out. She knew this and always kept the drawer stocked full. So special. Our anniversary was on their 50th anniversary. I was surprised to see them and excited to show off the girls.


Carissalayla said...

I Mrs. Mccown...tell her Hi next time you see her!

Carissalayla said...

meant to say Love!