Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy 33rd Birthday Dan!

Happy birthday honey! Today is Dan's 33rd birthday. The boys and I spent all day yesterday making his cake. It's a cake they saw a picture of while I was online and have since wanted to make it. Maybe not the theme I usually choose for Dan, but the boys loved LOVED making it and it was a big hit with the party goers too!

Since the cake was done yesterday (aside from repairs necessary today after Thomas took his finger to massive portions of the cake), today we put together the sign we'd been working on all week. One day we made the sign, the next day we did the balloons, and today we did strings and put everything together.

Here's what the balloons said,
Thomas-Sometimes daddy makes rules; Daddy unbuckles my helmet for me; My favorite thing to do with daddy is play games; Daddy is a genius (you know he loved that one); Daddy gives us candy; Daddy goes outside with me; My daddy makes food; I like when daddy takes me to the store.

Joshua- I like to climb on daddy; Daddy looks at babies with me; My daddy loves me; I like when daddy plays with me; Daddy likes to hold me; My favorite part of daddy is I love him.

Katie- Daddy carries me around the house when I cry; I heart daddy; My daddy makes funny faces when I spit up on him.

Molly- Daddy smiles at me, My daddy is cooler than your daddy; My favorite thing about daddy is the funny faces.
All-- Happy birthday daddy. We love you.
We celebrated with dinner at Senor Froggy (a Domrese family tradition) and then went to Audoban Park for cake and ice cream. You can imagine our surprise when we pulled in to find the park jam packed full of people. Apparently they do live music on Thursdays. Who knew? Turns out the majority of people were listening to music, so we found a quiet spot to party and had a nice music background.

All in all, a great birthday. Thanks to all who came and celebrated. Dan and I had a great GREAT time and are thankful to have such great family and friends.


The Butterfields said...

Thanks for inviting us! The cake was delicious!!! :)

Carissalayla said...

great job on the cake, I need that recipe! btw LOVE the foods lists, I am assuming these are tested by you Amber not the boys...? Broccoli is yummy try it with cheese or a tiny bit of butter and salt