Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dinner Out?

The children woke up early this morning...we were up and at 'em by 8:00 AM. After a pancake and egg breakfast, it was time for a walk. I've decided to walk in the mornings to get us all some fresh air before it gets too hot and to get back in shape just a little bit at a time. I pushed the girls in the stroller and the boys rode their four-wheelers. We made it an entire one block before Joshua's battery died and we had to head home. The girls crashed for a good 20 minutes after that! :)

We were home and done with outside time way earlier than we usually are. The boys and I decided to do a craft for daddy's birthday while the girls napped. After lots of crafting the boys played the rest of the day while I hung out with the girls. We had a pretty good day!

Unfortunately, our pretty good day led to me not having dinner ready when Dan got home, a rarity! We decided to splurge and go out to dinner...also a rarity! We packed up and went to Golden Corral. Mind you, this is a restaurant we've debated on before as it seems impossible to do a buffet with four kids under four. Guess what? It's NOT impossible!!!! We did it! The girls slept through the first part allowing me to eat. Then, Dan and I traded off kiddos while we finished. It was perfect! As always, we got plenty of comments from fellow eaters. One lady decided to come over and let us know that we were the best dinner entertainment they'd had in a long while. She said the kids were doing so well and there were so many of us crammed at a table, it was fun to watch. Another lady chimed in to tell us that we had the cutest, most well-behaved children. We'll just have to go out in public more often!

All in all a great end to a good day.

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